We received a call from a stressed client last week whose apartment was full of bedbugs. Their landlord had the apartment cleaned out and sanitized and now she had no furniture, bedding, towels, nothing.

We had her come to our distribution center and pick out all she needed to furnish the home. The only thing we didnt provide was a bed since we cant accept used mattresses. We gave her nice dressers, a desk, side tables, chairs, table, coffee table, curio, couch and much more. When she left our shop she was calm again and our staff was glad to see she was on her way to getting her life set up again. She even got a neighbor to help move the items with his van so everything worked out well.

We were so happy to assist her in getting back on track. We are able to do this thanks to the generosity of our donors who donate furniture so we can provide them to others.

Thanks to all those who help


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