Furniture is our number one request from our clients. Some of our clients come out of homeless shelters and we help set them up with furniture in their new housing units. These apartments are void of furniture so they need a full set up to function properly.

We provide them with the items that our fellow New Yorkers are generous to provide. Just because our clients are getting the furniture for free does not mean that they want old junky broken furniture. They want durable wood furniture and good looking as well.

We offer free pickup up of your unwanted furniture, however we do need to see pictures of the items to be donated. You can email the photos to and we will provide a quick answer if your furniture can be used. We usually offer pickup within 2-4 days and we offer convenient pickup hours in the morning, afternoon or evenings.

We do not accept fabric couches, old style fat TV’s and Ikea furniture

We look forward to your generous donations, so that we can assist needy families in the Brooklyn area.


If you know of a needy family that needs furniture, please email us at the email address above.



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