Yesterday we had a recently divorced young gentleman came into our store seeking donations. This gentleman recently moved into an apartment after getting divorced and explained to us how desperate his situation has become. Besides his financial burden of going thru a divorce, he has since lost his job. He went on to tell us that he does get to spend 2 weekends a month with  his three young children but he has no furniture, housewares, dishes, glassware…..nothing.

We told him to take what he needs to make his apartment complete. He then filled his friends car with all the basics. He will be returning for some chairs and a table today. We will be getting a sofa for him later this week and he will be picking that up as well.

This persons situation is not the typical situation that you would think exists in our community. We are learning new things every day. There are young people in bad situations as well as the elderly. We are always available to help anyone in need no matter the situation.

At Reuse America, we are unique in that we provide donations directly to those in need. Your donations of furniture, housewares, electronics, odds and ends end up in the hands of families and seniors. They help them live better lives. All donations are tax deductible.

To schedule a donation please call 718-807-6529


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