Today we delivered a love seat and otomon to a senior citizen in Canarsie Brooklyn. When we arrived at the second floor apartment, we were shocked at what we saw. She was sitting in her living room on a plastic lawn chair with a pillow as a cushion. When we asked her why she is in these conditions, she told us that she used to live in a whole house and after her husband died she moved into this apartment. Her kids took her furniture and left her with minimal items. She informed us that her social security barely covers rent and food. It was so sad to see this woman living like this. On top of this her landlord gives her minimal heat and she was freezing. We went downstairs and told the landlord that she must give heat and we will not leave until she does. After about 20 minutes, the heat finally came up and we informed our client that if she doesnt get heat in the future that she should call 311 heat complaint hotline.

After discussing her health issues we learned that she has difficulty climbing stairs and we are actively looking for items to make her life easier.

We couldnt leave without giving her additional items. We left some blankets and a space heater. We will be returning with additional items in the future. It really affected us that senior citizens in our community are suffering when there are organizations like ours which can help them.

If you know of a needy senior or a family in need of furniture, housewares or other items, we urge you to call us so that we can provide the essentials to them. Please email or call 718-807-6529


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