We often get calls from people whom are moving and have some left over furniture to donate. These donations go directly to families that need these items and they are greatly appreciated. We get our satisfaction when we see the families who get the furniture express their thanks to us. There is no better feeling that we get when we bring basic furniture to people who cannot afford any. You would be amazed in todays day and age that there are people who dont have basic pieces of furniture. We delivered a nice bedroom set to a needy family today and they had nothing, just a laundry basket a folding table and 2 folding chairs and thats it. We took whatever we had in the truck and gave it all to them. It was really sad to see. But thanks to your kind donations, we were able to give them a bunch of housewares, furniture a fan and two lamps. They saw us sweating and they wished they could have given us a tip for our hard work. We only wish we had an air conditioner to give them, since they had two small children.

We count on your donations to distribute them to the needy, so if you are clearing out an estate or are liquidating a loved ones house, we would appreciate a call so we can utilize as many items as possible. We accept donations of many items so please dont hesitate and call us  at 718-807-6529.

We offer free quick pickup of your items.

While we do accept clothing, we only pick up furniture and household items. We do not accept ewaste such as old tv’s or old computers or printers


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