It’s January 1st and New York has had a few days in the 20’s and 30’s. Well, our phones have been busy taking requests for heaters. We now have over 12 families asking for heaters.

As luck would have it, we received a call from a nice woman who had a bunch of items to donate, amongst the items were 2 nice fans. We made sure to deliver them tonight to 2 lucky families. For many of us it is hard to understand how people can be cold when landlords are supposed to provide heat. Well, we have learned that a lot of apartments have poorly designed heat distribution, so those who cannot afford supplemental heat turn to us for heaters. This week we also provided over 40 coats to families who could not afford proper coats. We also provided over 20 comforters to families in the Brooklyn area.

We pride ourselves on our organizations direct distribution approach. We distribute your donations directly to those in need. We see first hand how poverty affects families in Brooklyn and we do our best to cater to their individual needs. We try to give out the items that people donate the same day.

If you have items that you are looking to donate. We are looking for furniture, housewares, house goods and just about anything that we can reuse. We are available most days to pick up the items, so don’t hesitate and call to set up an appointment. 718-807-6529





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