We at Reuse America hate to see needy members of our community lacking the basics in their homes. We are often called to homes of people who eat all there meals on the floor because they have no tables or chairs in their apartments. We cannot tolerate to see this and we immediately dispatch tables and chairs to these families. Last week we gave away three sets to people who really needed them. We are frequently assisting families with beds and bed frames, since many in our community are sleeping on floors. Its hard to picture that in today’s times, some families are living in these type of conditions. Well, I have to tell you this is happening all around us. We see these situations on a daily basis and we respond when we become aware of them.
We are a unique organization, unlike goodwill or the salvation army which receives donations of goods and bring the profits to their corporation. We are a small dedicated group of people who operate a thrift store to raise funds so that we can keep distributing furniture to people who really need them.
When we receive a donation of furniture or bedding, we give to those in need first and then what ever is left goes to our thrift store. Usually we have a list of people waiting for certain items and we work hard to obtain those goods for them.
If you have furniture, linen, housewares, clothing or other items kindly contact us at 718-807-6529 and we will send one of our staff to pick them up for free. You can also drop off at our Flatbush Avenue location at 1158 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. Our hours are Sunday 12-7, Monday -Friday 11-7, closed on Saturndays.

If you know of people in the neighborhood who need furniture, please dont hesitate and let us know via email @ ReuseAmericaNY@gmail.com

People who are having their homes cleaned out when they are moving are urged to call us, we will pick up your unwanted items for free and we will save you money on your disposal fees.



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