Changing the design in your home and you have usable furniture that you no longer need? We can put those pieces to good use. We provide furniture and other items to those in need. By donating furniture, clothing, housewares, gifts  or other items to Reuse America, you are giving a gift that will make someone’s daily life better. Often when we bring furniture to the needy, we find them using furniture that is falling apart or we even apartments with no furniture in them. When we arrive with the gifted furniture, we see smiles on the children and receive much thanks from the parents. you can have a part in this wonderful  project by donating furniture or other items that you no longer need.

Items that we do not give directly to the poor are sold in our thrift store and the funds are used to continue our mission. Your gift of clothing helps provide clothing to people who really need them.

Donate today and bring happiness to the less fortunate.

Drop your items at our thrift store at 1158 Flatbush avenue or call 71808076538 to arrange a free pickup.


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